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The objective of this campaign was to attract potential investors with a very high net worth to generate sales of alternative investments.
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Experimentation has been a big part of the success of this campaign.

Do we target this interest or is it very specific? Create this custom audience? Are we targeting the 1% or 10% of a similar audience? Are we targeting a large or small audience? Do we optimize for conversions or traffic to the web? Do we use photos or videos in your ad? What messages resonate best with our audience? Do we use a lead form or do we use a landing page? Do we use a lot of text or a minimum text? Do we use cost caps or do we use Facebook's default bids? Use all locations or select only the ones with the best performance?

There are always good practices, but in this campaign we don't take any as universal and we try everything and more...

By experimenting, our strategy evolved and we learned a lot, so the results were much better than we expected.

“This has generated more qualified potential investors for me in 4 months, than in 6 years of doing it the old way - offline, relationship based” - CEO
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