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Viña Las Perdices

Sale of wines through marketplaces and site.


Viña Las Perdices is a winery in Mendoza that until 2020 did not have an online presence for direct wine sales.

That year it began selling through marketplaces, starting in 2020 with a specific marketplace for direct wine sales from wineries and continuing in 2021 through Mercado Libre.

With the significant increase in sales of the brand, they also began to sell through their own site, with the aim of achieving a more efficient % of Ad Spend than through marketplaces.


In 2021, with the creation of its own site, the objective was to increase direct sales with a more efficient ROAS than that obtained in marketplaces.


With the beginning of the own site, the strategy of H1 of 2021 was focused on increasing the own database to carry out regular email marketing campaigns, and in H2 of 2021 with the site in operation, the planning was to carry out conversion and email campaigns. marketing with AB testing of products and creatives.

The lead campaigns allowed the database to be created 3x in H1, obtaining in H2 an Open Rate 80% higher than the category benchmark.

In H2, with two marketplaces running simultaneously, each with specific internal campaigns, in addition to their own site, billing increased 1.5x versus H1 2021.

The percentage of Ad Spend of the own site was 21% lower than the sales commission of the specific wine market place and 56% lower than the Mercado Libre commission compared to the premium publication.

AB product and offer testing revealed that: campaigns with "free shipping" versus paid shipping have a 76% lower CPA, ads with products containing gift boxes tend to convert better, a brand-specific wine category created in together with rock band influencers is the one with the best average CPA compared to the rest of the product mix.
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H1 vs. H2
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menor en el sitio vs. marketplaces
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